SNAP issues vouchers to qualifying, low-income households in Doña Ana County to have their pets spay or neutered.

Through the support of individuals, businesses, and grants SNAP seeks to reduce the animal over-population and shift from the needless killing and suffering of dogs and cats, to the rescue and placement of healthy, adoptable animals in forever homes.

  We have been supplying low-cost vouchers to our clients since 2002, when SNAP supplied 68 low-cost vouchers and in 2017, SNAP provided 1,700.  Since its beginning  SNAP has facilitated in the sterilization of  over 17,773 dogs and cats.  SNAP has also run mobile clinics since 2009 and those clinics have sterilized a total of 2,050 dogs and cats.

We couldn’t do any of this without YOU. We would like to thank all of our clients, donors, veterinarians, volunteers and staff for their help.